Value Of Indoor Golf Putting Mats

esteraInvesting in a good quality indoor golf putting mat is probably one of the best things that you can do to improve your golfing performance! There are plenty of different types of great putting aids out there, to help you develop your putting skills and techniques, but the only true way of mastering the art of putting is to keep practicing.

As golf putting makes up between 40-50% of your overall game, it is a vital area of the game to master. Spending a couple of hours a week practicing on an indoor putting mat is going to make all the difference and will be the quickest way for you to reduce your golf handicap and lower your scores.

To someone who has never played golf before or is just starting the game, putting may seem an easy and straightforward enough skill to master. However, anyone with a bit of golfing savvy or experience will soon tell you that it’s not quite as simple as it may seem.

By carefully following some fundamental golf training methodologies of, you too can perfectly time your golf drive to achieve the best possible outcome. True, they are not easy but are indeed achievable with proper practice.

Importance of Golf Swing Fundamentals Cannot Be Ignored

Basic-Fundamentals-Of-A-Golf-SwingGolf is a truly a game where an individual’s determination, discipline and heart can be measured. While the basics remain the same for all, practice and knowledge are the two key aspects to success in golf. A correct golf swing is a joy to behold.

If you ever find your swing awry then coming back to the fundamentals can help you bounce back to the track in no time. Sound knowledge of the fundamentals of golf can multiply your chances of having that perfect golf swing. Some of the most fundamentals are listed below for immediate improvement.

The Grip: Having a strong grip is one of the most important fundamentals of golf. As such make sure that you are having the correct grip before moving on your swing. The most common types of grips, when holding the golf club are- the interlock, the overlap and baseball grip. As per individuals convenience you can opt for either of the grips when aiming for the perfect swing.

Stance: Positioning of your feet in accordance with the ball at address also contributes greatly in forming a good setup. Swinging in balance is yet another aspect that contributes substantially in having a successful golf swing. Proper golf stance will allow you to stay stable and swing the club in a far better manner.

Alignment: Having the right golf alignment contributes significantly in ensuring you make a good swing. If your body and the club are aligned correctly on the proper swing path, it immensely minimizes the risk of having any swing problems. Always square your golf club and ball in parallel to the target.

Ball Position: The golf ball position varies to a great extent depending upon whether you are hitting the ball with either your driver or the woods. When using the driver, align the ball just off your left heel while with the irons move the ball slightly tilted towards the left foot from the middle of your stance.

Good Posture: Having posture is a vital part of the entire setup, as it is what allows you to make for better golf swings by ensuring good angles and placing you in the most appropriate position during the swing. You need to make sure that not only your knees are bent, but at the same time you are bending from the hips.

Pre-Shot Routine: While you are standing behind the ball, have a brief study of the primary and intermediate target and create an imaginary picture in your mind also the line of flight to avoid any regrets. Step into the swing and practice a couple of swings and don’t forget to check the target and the swing every time you make a move. By simply considering these few things in mind, you are sure to feel more comfortable and will be amazed how good you can swing.

Online Golf Lessons: How To Find The Best Golf Instructor For You

1299086277591You have made the decision that you need to find a golf instructor. Now how do you find a golf coach that can help you? How do I go about finding a qualified golf teacher for personalized online golf lessons? How will I know if they are qualified to teach or not? Will they be able to fix me in just one lesson or will I need a series? Are online golf lessons a legitimate option? The questions may seem endless, but, here is some advice of for finding the best fit for you to improve your golf game.

How do I find a golf instructor that can help me?
I guess I will start off by answering a question with a question. How do you go about finding an accountant, doctor, dentist, etc.? Most people that I know, ask those with similar thoughts and beliefs their opinion on who they use and trust their business or health. This can be done with the regular group(s) that you play with, especially if someone has recently improved their game. However, be warned that what they worked on to improve their game may very well NOT be the medicine that you need to improve your game.

As I am trying to find a golf instructor, how will I know if they are qualified to teach or not?
This is a great question and shows that you are really looking to learn and not just get a quick fix. You can locate a local golf instructor that is close to you through The PGA offers certifications in golf instruction and these instructors are few and far between. If you are close proximity to one you are lucky and should take that opportunity.

How long should the golf lessons & instruction session take and how often should I take them?
This is the $64,000 dollar question. There are too many variables to consider to simply give a clear cut answer here. What I will say is that the instructor should be willing to watch you for a few minutes or have a sit down conversation with you to determine where you currently are in your golf game, determine if you have any current or past injuries that could change your motion and develop a plan for you. No matter your skill level, the plan should be logical and make sense to you. If it does not then this person may not be the best instructor for you.

In trying to find a golf instructor, are online golf lessons a legitimate option?
With all of the new technology, taking golf lessons online is becoming more and more popular. It is becoming a very legitimate way to learn the game of golf. You will still want to do the research as outlined above on who the instructor is and if they are qualified. The benefits are endless to those golfers that may travel a lot or for those that love the game in a rural community. The great part about them is that as long as you have an internet connection, you will have access to your golf lessons!